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We are much more than just a drinkware supplier. We provide many other services to ensure your success with your Take Home Souvenir drinkware program…

MARKETING is key to creating a successful “Buy a Drink – Keep the Glass®” program. Since 1977, PSGlass® has developed a specific formula for proven success with Take Home Souvenir drinkware. Below are some of the services we provide.


We offer:

    1. Our full service Art Department will create a variety of customized marketing tools and point-of-sale items.
    2. Seemingly simple, when used correctly, our Full Color Drink Menu Card is a very effective marketing tool. It is high quality, completely customized and coated in a very thick, durable laminate. Establishments that utilize the Full Color Drink Menus Cards with our program, typically see increases in sales of their souvenir drinkware in the range of 35% to 50%. Many of our customers report doubling and tripling their sales of drinkware after implementing a program using these menus.
    3. Table tents, posters, banners, buttons, and a variety of other marketing tools are also recommended.


Our Progressive Specialty Glass® sales representatives are experts at developing and executing a successful Take Home Souvenir Drinkware Program. Our goal is not only to supply you with quality drinkware, but we are committed to helping you create a program specifically designed for your clientele that will maximize your sales and create a new profit center.
To meet that goal, our PSGlass® sales representative will work with you to:

    1. Customize your new drink menus and other point-of-sale marketing.
    2. Assist in at your location training of your staff to maximize sales.
    3. Share valuable tools to help you measure the success of not just your program as a whole, but how each server is performing.
“Our success depends on your success!”