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Buy A Drink - Keep The Glass®

Progressive Specialty Glass Company, Inc.® has built its business since 1977 on the simple yet
effective program of “Buy A Drink – Keep The Glass®”.

The drinkware in this website is designed to be custom decorated with your establishment’s logo or brand name and served with a variety of beverages, both with and without alcohol.

Our proven program creates a new profit center with Take Home Souvenir drinkware. We can help you develop a unique beverage program with marketing and at your location training to maximize your sales and profits. You will also see the benefits with higher average checks, increased tips for your servers and also the long-term advertising value of having your establishment’s name in the homes of your guests for years to come.

Please contact us to find out more about our variety of drinking containers that can be utilized to increase your sales and profits through the “Buy A Drink – Keep The Glass®” program. Your Progressive Specialty Glass® account manager will work with you to develop a unique and effective drinkware program for your establishment.